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Claire Randall


Claire - songbird, educator, adventurer, sister, daughter and friend who brightened our lives - died December 8 in Hebron, ME at 26. She would have turned 27 on December 19.

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Claire loved to create. She wrote music and poetry, fashioned her own clothes, crafted gifts, and found beauty in funky objects. To her, creating was natural self-expression and vital self-care.

Shortly before her death, this self-expression manifested in a collection of whimsical collages imbued with nostalgia and wit. Claire scanned through old National Geographic magazines, extracting gorgeous landscapes and inserting characters that seem to have wandered onto the wrong page. These enchanting scenes tell subtly layered stories, both timeless and out of time.

Claire loved to collaborate. In the weeks after Claire’s passing, her close family and friends gravitated to this same activity as a form of healing and processing. Magazine cut-out sessions became a reliable source of comfort and zen. It was a way for us to feel close to Claire, and to express ourselves through her lens.

Soon we decided to work towards a collaborative project in honor of Claire. Pooling our paper resources, we realized we could create a “Planet Claire” - a collage of collages - inspired by her artistic style and as a representation of the lives she touched. This work merges the diverse, creative minds of Claire’s community, and embodies her free artistic spirit.

We’re deeply grateful to those who contributed magazines, gave guidance, lent their hands and eyes and vehicles and time. This project was made possible by:

Anita Randall, Molly Randall, Gabe Randall, Gabe Gordon, Bridget Read, Maggie Toth, Hanh Le, Cat Lum, Julia Mintz, Laura Mintz, Steff Yotka, Jordyn Cohen, Nick Otte, Dominic Green, Alex Jarvis, Jude Shimer, Tara Daniels, Alex Constas, Sam Doyon, Biviana Sanchez, Erica Garber, Laura Craft, Naisha Solomon, Andrew Meeker, and Annie Segrest



Trot Fox


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Visit Claire's TREE at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

With your support, Friends and Family of Claire made a contribution to the BBG - a place Claire treasured and visited often. A young Scarlet Oak tree on the Cherry Esplanade has now been dedicated to Claire, with a plaque that reads "You're spring to us".

Claire's tree is the seventh Scarlet Oak on the western path next to the Cherry Esplanade. Click on the image for Google Maps directions.

Claire's tree is the seventh Scarlet Oak on the western path next to the Cherry Esplanade. Click on the image for Google Maps directions.

While you're at the Garden, visit some of Claire's favorite spots - including the Lilac Collection, the Japanese Water Garden, and the tulips on the Lily Pool Terrace.




Claire's company Patron Technology has partnered with Sanctuary for Families to honor Claire's legacy.

The Claire Randall Fund will support Sanctuary's Economic Empowerment Program, providing education and training to help survivors of gender violence learn the skills they need to secure living wage jobs and break the cycle of abuse.

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